Top Ways to Save Money While Visiting Vietnam

Top Ways to Save Money While Visiting Vietnam

It is true that Vietnam is already an incredibly inexpensive and very affordable place to head to if you are looking for a vacation or going backpacking even for an extended amount of time. However, just like any other destination, there are always those tourist traps and places that tend to hike up the price whenever possible. 

Stay in Hostels

If you are a seasoned backpacker or budget traveler, then you know very well that hostels are often the best and most affordable accommodation out there. If you don’t mind sharing a room with 7 other people and sleeping on a bunk bed, then this is an excellent choice. Along with saving you money, hostels are also proven to be an amazing way to meet other travelers like yourself!


If you have yet to hear about Couchsurfing, then waste no more time and hop on their website right away! For years, Couchsurfing has been one of the most popular budget ways to travel the world seeing as it connects hosts and travelers together to provide free accommodation. If you are hoping to meet some locals and find out what life is like Vietnam then this is an awesome way to do that and to save some money.

Avoid Touristy Areas 

If you decide to head to a restaurant inside or even near a more upscale hotel, chances are you are going to be paying nearly triple for what you would pay down the street at a food stall or local market. A lot of sit down restaurants that are found within the more touristy areas know that they can increase prices and will definitely not hesitate to charge you a whole lot more than they should.

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Explore on Your Own

So many times while traveling, people feel the need to hire a tour guide or pay hundreds of dollars to be told where to go but in fact, exploring the country on your own is usually a far cheaper and more exciting way to travel! If you cut out the expenses that you would pay toward a tour bus or guide, then you have the opportunity to spend that money on something much more meaningful or maybe even stay longer in Vietnam!