Top 5 Things To Do In Vietnam

Top 5 Things To Do In Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the top tourist destinations throughout all of Southeast Asia and is filled with endless activities to partake in, sights to see and places to explore. Of course depending on which areas of the country that you plan to visit, the list of things to do varies and there are plenty of options to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. As a country filled with so many opportunities for fun, adventure and excitement, you should know what are absolute musts when you find yourself in Vietnam. Here they are…


1. Visit The Beaches 

With thousands of kilometers of beautiful coastline, Vietnam is undoubtedly one place that is guaranteed to have a beach to suit everyone’s wants. Whether you want to dig your feet into the warm sand, soak up the Vietnamese sun or head into the turquoise waters, the beaches are an excellent way to take in some beautiful scenery throughout the entire coast.

Visit The Beaches

2. Eat The Food

Of course this seems like an obvious one, but for many travelers, they become very weary and hesitant to try some of the foods they see. Though it at first may look a bit different than what you are used to, be sure to always give things a chance! Whether it is at a restaurant or on the side of the road, Vietnamese food is delicious and you will surely far from regret it.

 Eat The Food

3. Take A Hike

For those who love the outdoors, northern Vietnam is an absolute ideal place to head. With lush jungles and plenty of trails for individual or group hiking, you will surely find yourself in a hiker’s paradise. Just be sure to bring plenty of water, mosquito repellent and sunscreen!

 Take A Hike

4. Ride A Motorbike 

With so much to see and do throughout the country, one of the best ways to take it all in and experience it more up close and personal as you would do in a car, on the back of a motorbike (vietnam motorbike tours) is the way to go. There are even tours that you can set up that take you off the beaten path and make you feel like a local.

Ride A Motorbike

5. Learn About The History

Vietnam is a country with a very long and very unique history and in order to be able to fully appreciate what they are today is learning how they were able to get to that point. From museums and simply talking to the local people will make you understand just how special this country truly is.