The Most Interesting Facts About Ho Chi Minh City

The Most Interesting Facts About Ho Chi Minh City

Although you may be a frequent visitor of the city, it is possible that you are not aware of some of some fun and interesting facts that you can read about below...


Over 1 Million Motorbikes

No matter where you are throughout Vietnam, you are guaranteed to see motorbikes of all size and color with anywhere from one to six people riding along on each one. Did you know that with the size and popularity of the city, there are over 1 million motorbikes coming into Ho Chi Minh on a daily basis?

Coffee is the Most Popular Drink

Although there are of course plenty of other beverage options out there including some tasty beers and even some Vietnamese wine, coffee still stands its grounds (quite literally) with being the most loved drink for both locals and visitors.

coffee in Ho Chi Minh city

Visit Districts 5, 10 & 11 for Wholesale Prices

In each of these three districts, the largest majority of the Chinese-Vietnamese people live and therefore, you can buy goods in rather large quantities at wholesale prices, saving you some extra bucks. 

Saigon Notre Dame is a Popular Spot for Wedding Photos

Built in the 19th century by French colonists, this iconic structure is of course served for religious purposes but is also a major tourist attraction and a place in which couples come to have their wedding photos taken.

It used to be the Capital of South Vietnam

From the years 1954 to 1975, Ho Chi Minh as the capital of South Vietnam, however, during that time it was called Saigon.

Ben Thanh market

Over 3 Million Tourists Visit Each Year

Due to its famous architecture, vibrant and friendly culture and overall fun atmosphere, there are over 3 million tourists every year that come to either return to Ho Chi Minh or explore it for the first time.

The Port is the Most Important in all SE Asia

The Saigon River joins to the Don Nai River approximately just 18 miles NE of Ho Chi Minh where it runs south and southeast for about 140 miles and although the city is nearly 45 miles from the mouth of the river, the port of Ho Chi Minh is by far the most important in all of Southeast Asia.