5 Vietnamese Dishes that Are NOT Pho

5 Vietnamese Dishes that Are NOT Pho

Although great as it may be, that simply is not the only delicious option when it comes to Vietnamese foods. The following are some of the best ones excluding the ever-popular Pho dish.

1. Che

Not an appetizer or a meal but a tasty drink, also commonly known as the Three Bean Drink. Order this to get your taste buds prepared for the main dishes coming up and enjoy the mix of red and white beans, mung beans, tapioca jelly coconut cream mixed with crushed ice for that smooth texture. Though it may sound a little strange, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Banh Xeo

banh xeo

Although this particular delicacy may in fact look like an omelet, there are absolutely no eggs used in the ingredients and instead it makes a delicious rice crepe. Filled with sautéed jicama and onions, pork or shrimp and onions with the usual Asian veggie sides including basil, lettuce, cilantro, mint and some sort of yummy dipping sauce. Eat it however you want and sit back while an explosion of perfect flavors occurs in your mouth.


3. Banh Cuon

banh cuon

A much less complicated yet just as satisfying dish, the Banh Cuon is a steamed rice roll filled with just the right amount of ground pork and mushrooms served alongside a fish sauced based dipping sauce to top it all off. Typically there are some other toppings like cilantro and crispy onions if you want to get fancy.


4. Thit Kho

thit kho

Another dish with that famous fish sauce, Thit Kho is essentially a bunch of caramelized pork pieces served with whole hard boiled eggs on the side. Bursting with flavors and like lemon grass and of course the fish sauce, add some rice to it and you have got a delicious complete meal.


5. Banh Bao

banh bao

For people who are not familiar with this type of dish, they may look at it and assume it is a strange looking dinner roll. However, inside the fresh doughy goodness lies the real treat. Banh Bao is a steamed bun with a tasty pork mixture and hard-boiled egg halves cooked right in the middle. Take a bite and you may find this is your new favorite kind of dinner roll.